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Approach & Background

I'm familiar with most theoretical approaches and customize strategies to fit whatever works best for the client. Emphasis is on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Gestalt, and Solution-Focused ---believing that mindfulness and self-awareness are at the core of any changes to be made.                                                                                                  

I'm also an EMDR Therapist ~ certified internationally by EMDRIA.

EMDR effectively treats trauma.

With a positive outlook and focus on a holistic approach to wellness, I offer kind and direct encouragement to      take an honest and realistic inventory of yourself and lifestyle. I'll help explore the impact of one's history, 

family, work, relationships, and life experiences... which are directly influencing thoughts, feelings, and      behaviors in the present moment. Cultivating this insightful awareness helps connect the dots which facilitates clarity and then motivation to change. This can lead to improved mindfulness, resolution of issues, less stress, fulfillment of ones needs & goals, enhanced strengths, more joy....and living your very best possible life.

I support the inclusion of all aspects of one's experiences, and will help you make peace with the past, cultivate acceptance, learn lots of effective coping skills, and move forward. 

Education includes a Masters in Counseling Psychology and coursework completed for a Masters in Sociology. Work experience includes several years of serving and empowering children, teens, adults, and families via    mental health clinics, school-based sites, and community-based non-profit organizations.         

                                                  I love my job and feel I was born to be a Therapist! 


1380 Lead Hill Blvd., Ste. 160

Roseville, CA 95661


Monday thru Thursday

10am to 6pm

photo of me by Liz.jpg

       Today is the day! Call me at (916) 899-2818

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